Ridge Ventilation For Barns

A good ventilation, as well as cow comfort, is one of the most important aspects in a free stall housing. In order to remove warm air an open ridge would be the best solution.

The ridge of your barn is often situated in a location that makes it necessary to place a "lean-to", so there is less chance that rain will enter the barn. The table ridge from GEA will ensure protection from the elements as well as provide a source for air to leave the barn, even when there is hardly any wind.

  • The translucent skylight flanges are available in lengths of 90 and 125 cm
  • The flanges are patented and UV-resistant
  • Translucency approx. 85%, creating a light inlet up to a maximum width of 250 cm
  • Ideal to replace existing skylight ridges
  • Maximum width between the upper perlins 170/250 cm

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