Regulator Tank

The perfect device to handle ticker manure that does not requires a dewatering treatment prior to the compression process.

The Regulator Tank consists of a large reservoir that holds in incoming manure and evenly gravity feeds the XPress with a constant flow rate.

Key Features

Regulator Tank
  • The separation process speed can be regulated by adjusting the liquid level switches inside the Regulator Tank.
  • The excess of incoming manure is returned back into the reception pit by means of an overflow discharge.
  • Prevents the large and/or heavy foreign objects from reaching the XPress.
  • The level switches inside the Regulator Tank send signals to activate or to stop the XPress as manure moves from the high level to the low level switches. When manure reaches the high-high level switch the manure pump feeding the system is stopped.
  • 6" (152 mm) intake and discharges.
  • Slanted bottom and 6" (152 mm) gate valve to completely drain out the tank when required.
  • Available in five different roller press configurations.
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