Semi-Hermetic Compressors

Suction gas-cooled HG and air-cooled HA compressors offer a full capacity range of innovative, modern compressor technology with 2-, 4-, 6- and 8-cylinders. Suitable for all current refrigerants, as well as HC and CO2. For the EX range, GEA is the first European manufacturer to offer compressors certified according to ATEX machine category 2.


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Sparkling wine producer Sektkellerei Inführ relies on compressors from GEA Bock

New two-circuit refrigerating plant precipitates potassium bitartrate at subzero temperatures

Customer case

Using a compact CO2 refrigerating plant to chill a fish catch in an environmentally-friendly way

Conversion to natural refrigerants is possible even in a tight space

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