OTAS® Food Process Automation

Automation for Process Plants

Quality assurance and increased productivity in the food industry drive the steadily increasing automation of plant and production processes. The advantages are obvious: labor and production downtimes are reduced and operator error is safely ruled out. Plant are upgraded so that all essential parameters relevant for the production processes are automatically controlled, monitored and documented.

Process automation and integration

GEA offers a wide spectrum of innovative process automation systems and services that range from providing electronic process control to integrated, company-wide network systems with corresponding MES (Manufacturing Excecution System). We achieve this progress for you using proven modules and technologies and following international standards (e.g. ISA-S88, ISA-S95).To adapt existing production plant to new generations of automation systems (e.g. when replacing the visualization system) migration strategies will be developed for you that allow safe conversion while production continues to run.

We deliver for the MES level database based applications for quality assurance, increase in productivity, batch tracking, and verification. Operation and process visualization. All operator interfaces are designed with logical menu structures that allow intuitive operation of the plant. The operator is comprehensively informed at a glance and guided progressively through the system.

Documentation and process optimization

The supervisory control system allows operators to record measured values and switch status, thus creating the necessary transparency for process optimization. Recording of measured data is supplemented by a database supported event log with practice-oriented evaluation features. This audit trail allows the tracking of individual batches or an entire production.



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