OTAS® Dairy Process Automation

OTAS® software modules provide combined solutions at process and MES level.

Automation engineering - for us this means hardware and software concepts for process automation that are easily integrated in plants in the dairy industry.

Automation solutions based on superior industry expertise

Our solutions are characterized by our extensive know-how of the industry sector and process engineering expertise, which is reflected both in the targeted selection of the hardware and the functionality of the software solutions. To implement our solutions, we use field-tested modules and technologies and follow international standards.

We use tested customizable software modules which can be individually combined to form an overall solution. We make sure that our solutions can be used on different platforms, which offers the greatest possible independence from suppliers. Based on platforms from world market leaders, our concepts are proven in practice, yet individually designed, scalable and future-proof. With interfaces to ERP, laboratory, warehouse and preventive maintenance, the automation system forms the glue that keeps everything together.

Depending on your needs you can choose one or more of twelve OTAS® modules. One of them is called OTAS® Track & Trace. This system provides a high level of transparency by means of graphical presentation of the whole production process.“Transparent production” enables you to identify potentials for optimization and to improve the quality on a long-term basis. OTAS® Track & Trace satisfies the stringent demands legislation, retailers and insurers place on the traceability of food products. Process data is made available to the user in a well-organized manner via the integrated Excel interface for further analysis. This allows a high-performance reporting system to be set up.

Benefits at a glance

  • PLC programming is facilitated, as essential functions are configured via PC
  • The functions designed are easy to comprehend, even for the technologist
  • Programmer independence
  • Standardized and well-organized project structure
  • Shorter planning periods
  • Easy to expand
  • All settings and program parameters are held in an SQL database, where they can be viewed and modified by authorized users without the need of a programming unit
  • System-wide use of TAG numbers (according to PID) with indication of the I/O address in the control system. 
  • Plain-text display is also provided for alarm messages. 
  • Simulation of the entire I/O system or individual components for test purposes
  • Recording of operating cycles of the final control elements and hours of motor operation
  • Recording and indication of all operator interventions (Who? When? What?)
  • All parameter settings can be documented in Excel

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