Molding machines for provolone and caciocavallo

GEA offers pasta filata cheese molding machines that have been designed specifically for producing the highest quality provolone and caciocavallo cheeses.

GEA has developed a portfolio of versatile, automated machines for molding provolone cheeses at capacities of up to 1,200 kg per hour, and caciocavallo cheeses at throughputs of 600 kg per hour. Available with multiple molding sections, all GEA systems feature PLC control. Servo-motor drives with mechanical speed variation enable precise control of the augers feeding the molding units. Molded products are then gently turned out from the molding cups using a pneumatic unit. Electrically controlled water-heated jackets ensure that the optimum product temperature is maintained, and pneumatic systems operate the cutting blades.

Our portfolio includes a user friendly provolone cheese molding unit that automates cylindrical molding. Both the height of the product and the speed of carousel rotation can be controlled, so that different product sizes can be processed using the same mold. GEA can also configure  2- ad 4-molding section machines for automated caciocavallo forming.

All GEA machines are designed for maximum efficiency, safety and hygiene. Mechanical or electromechanical protection ensures operator safety around all dangerous parts of the units. A water recycling system allows the jacket heating water to be recirculated and reused. All surfaces that come into contact with the product are Teflon coated. Augers can be easily dismantled, and all edges and corners are rounded so that cleaning fluids can easily reach into every ingress. 



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