Leg Locator

The Platform Universal Device is a revolutionary product designed to drive operator productivity, manage udder health and provide visual feedback for the milking operators.

Productivity is maximized by standardizing the milking routine and providing cluster support for clean and even milk out. Whether it is mastitis prevention or mastitis detection, the leg locator plays a key role assisting with total udder hygiene.

iPUD Key Benefits

Leg Spreader iPud


  • Standardise the milking routine
  • Leg locator
  • Cluster support
  • Tube guide

Udder Health  (check availability with local dealer)

  • Stripping Panel
  • Mastitis Lens
  • Pre teat spray
  • Post teat spray
  • Crossfire technology
Global Page Information


Upgrading your standard iPUD from a basic leg locator and teat sprayer to full visual milking management with Heads Down Display (HDD) is simple and can be customized to suit requirements now and into the future.

Heads Down Display (HDD) has been incorporated for visual milking management which delivers the right information at the right place and the right time.

The visual display allows you easy color recognition for the different modes of operation.

Key Benefits

  • Operator feedback
  • Management interface
  • Heads Down Display (HDD) provides valuable operator feedback from the management system when connected. 
  • The mastitis lens panel illuminates the udder and operator working area.
  • iPUD has a complete upgrade path and the product can be customized to suit your requirements now and into the future.

Please note that this is a global webpage. For more information on the availability of this product in your country please reach out to your local GEA dealer.

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