2-Stage Separator

Compress wet fiber sliding off from an 8ft x 8ft Sloped Screen Separator for further reduction of the moisture content in the solids.

2-Stage Separator

Key Features

2-Stage Separator

  • 8ft X 8ft (244 X 244 cm) or 8ft X 12 ft (244 X 366 cm) stainless steel screen.
  • Integrated 8ft wide roller press system
  • Process daily manure output of 90 to 300 cows per hour.
  • 1½" HP (1,1 kW) motor.
  • Optional roll-up canvas to help prevent manure from the drying effects of the sun and wind.

Functional Description

The 2-Stage Separator is normally installed on a platform raised above a concrete dry pad. The wet fiber sliding off from the Screen is compressed between a 8 feet wide rubber roller and a stainless steel screen roller that allows remaining liquid to drain out. This process brings the solid output level to approximately 18% dry matter.

The separated liquid is rejected through an 8" (203 mm) gravity discharge while fiber is stacked on the concrete pad underneath.

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