Explore the science within the product

HE Series Impeller

Explore the science within the product

Key Features and Benefits

  • Effective semi-closed design – with 5 curved blades placed close to each other in order to limit turbulence between the blades and provide a more efficient rotation.
  • Enviable decrease in fuel consumption cost – providing the same pressure and flow rate, the HE impeller excels by using around 20 less HP than the standard 20" (508 mm) impeller.
  • Outstanding performance – in agitating and loading liquid manure that does not contain straw.
  • Standard only on some PTO Pump models – such as the 6" Vertical Super Pump and Lagoon Agi-Pompe meeting the following requirements: 1) Manure consistency that does not exceed 1/2" (13 mm), 2) Bedding without straw, 4) 1000 RPM pump and 5) 20" (508 mm) housing.

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