Direct Expansion or Liquid Circulation Bulk Milk Tanks

Cooling Tanks iStore Vertical / Horizontal

The iSTORE range of Bulk Milk Tanks, manufactured by DTS, offers excellent value. Manufactured from stainless steel to meet food grade standards the hygienic design is suitable for storage of milk and other products such as wine and juices.

Cooling Tank iStore

The tanks can be located inside the milking parlor or outside at the collection point. This feature reduces building construction costs.

All iSTORE tanks come with a front entry manway and ladders are fitted to all silos. Cooling is provided by direct expansion or liquid circulation through the laser welded dimple jacketed base plate or side walls. All sizes feature cooling which is further increased by the gull winged agitators.

Key Features

  • Standard sizes available from 11,500 to 30,500 litres
  • Vertical & horizontal options
  • Options of compressors and controls
  • CIP systems available
  • 5 year PAD warranty.

Heat Recovery

  • Make use of previously unused cooling compressor energy
  • Reduce the overall electricity expense of producing hot water
  • Short payback time
  • Increase hot water capacity

Polar Wraps

  • Increase overall cooling efficiency
  • Decrease the cycling of the cooling compressors
  • Decrease heating effect of direct sunlight
  • Decrease milk “baking on” above milk level
  • Can be retrofitted to any vertical tank
Capacity (Nominal)Diameter “W”“H” (Minimum)
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