Never spend time manually pushing feed again!

GEA FRone - Automated feed pusher: Less work. Greater yields.

Never spend time manually pushing feed again!

Precise processes ensure optimum feed utilization

The GEA FRone combines tried and tested technology with maximum precision and reliability. Regularly pushing the feed forward ensures your animals can get the most out of the nutrition you provide – a welcome cost saving for your business.

Simple programming

The handy remote control enables you to quickly and easily program a 24 or 48-hour cycle of routes and start times to suit you and your animals. And you can configure as many different routes as you like. There is also an additional option to clean the feed alley passageway.

Smart drive improves reliability

If, for whatever reason, the amount of feed in front of the feed fence is more than expected, the GEA FRone can handle this. The FRone will reduce speed, thus creating more pushing power and will then move sidewards to avoid any blockages.

Your advantages:

  • Saves more than 90 working hours per year (based on manual feed pushing for 5 minutes, 3 times per day)
  • Higher milk yields (between 1% – 3%)
  • Improved anima l health
  • More frequent use of the milking robot 
  • Equipped with smart drive and  adaptable speed control 
  • Payback time of 1 – 4 years 
  • Max. speed of 6 metres per minute 
  • Can operate for up to 15 hours per day (5 hours total charging time) 
  • For herds up to 1,000 cows 
  • Manually activated: 24 or 48-hours program, delayed start time, external park position 
  • Unlimited routes  
  • Can clean the whole feed alley

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