Calf Milk Purification UVPure

Purifying milk just got more efficient: The UVPure calf milk purifier helps you to rear young cattle successfully. Drinking more nutritious milk means your calves grow healthier and faster, which in turn benefits your business.

UVPure calf milk purifier

Calves represent the future for agricultural companies. One of the key requirements for rearing young cattle successfully is ensuring healthy growth. And the main way to do this is with milk, which you can make even more beneficial for both you and your animals with the innovative UVPure purification system.

The benefits of the UVPure calf milk purifier at a glance:

  • The UVPure features a compact, space-saving design
  • The purifier is very energy-efficient
  • You save on both labour and costs related to rearing young cattle
  • The purifier kills harmful bacteria safely
  • The antibodies in the milk are retained.

UVPure purification: bacteria-free milk with all of the nutrients the calf needs

The key feature – and the namesake – of the UVPure system is ultra violet light. This removes bacteria while retaining the important nutrients. This process is completely different to traditional heat pasteurization in the food industry. The advantage: The UV radiation destroys the genetic makeup of the bacteria. The UVPure system converts colostrum, or first milk, into an important source of nutrition for the calf.

Purifying the milk with UVPure is a gentle, hygienic and energy-efficient process. This type of feed helps every calf in your herd to take in the right amount of minerals, antibodies and vitamins, while you save on both labour and energy costs. Our recommendation: UVPure is ideally suited for herds with 100 calves or more – the reduction in germs helps to improve the health of every calf. The milk is passed through an inner glass tube, UV turbulators and a dual-walled stainless steel cylinder in a spiral pattern to ensure it is comprehensively treated. Other additional modules are available to help configure the purification process to suit your needs. You can also select between options with two or three turbulators. Milk containers are available in a range of sizes to suit every agricultural company.

The key facts: UVPure improves feeding for rearing young cattle

UVPure purifies milk efficiently, making it an important part of GEA's Total Solutions strategy. Find out how you can make every calf stronger:

  • With UV light: hygienic and cost-effective purification of the milk by destroying pathogens
  • Healthy milk to feed your animals: You still retain valuable vitamins, proteins and protective antibodies
  • Easy and efficient to maintain: The purification and cleaning process runs automatically
  • UVPure is easy to install and ready to use almost immediately.

The UVPure calf milk purification system can also be combined with automated calf feeding systems from GEA – find the perfect system solution for your agricultural operation.

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