Cow Brush E-Brush & M-Brush

Increase cow comfort: The E-Brush and M-Brush cow brushes ensure greater comfort and optimal hygiene in the cowshed. Whether mounted horizontally or vertically – the brushes are durable and highly efficient.

Cow comfort and the hygiene of the cow are decisive factors on a dairy farm. Within the GEA Total Solutions strategy, we can supply your agricultural operation with two different, high-quality cow brushes.

The key characteristics of the E-Brush and M-Brush cow brushes at a glance:

  • Particularly robust and durable gear unit
  • Water-resistant: Bristles are made of nylon
  • For double comfort: long and short bristles
  • Maximum durability: Different start-up directions reduce the wear on the brushes

The E-Brush model is a rotating horizontal pendulum brush, the M-Brush a rotating and diagonal cow brush.

For maximum comfort in your cowshed: E-Brush and M-Brush cow brushes

The GEA cow brushes increase cow comfort and hygiene in the stall. The cow benefits from an optimized release of heat through the skin and the blood circulation is also stimulated. Tail head, head and back: All are effectively cleaned and brushed with great comfort. The mechanical system is either diagonally or horizontally arranged. The brushes remain sturdy and robust irrespective of this alignment. The benefit: Even where there is lots of counter-pressure from the cow the brushes stay in reach – hygiene and comfort are thus always available. Whether E-Brush or M-Brush: This decisive contribution for the comfort of the animals is suitable for every breed of dairy cow.

Increased hygiene and cow comfort: important for any dairy

Clean animals are essential for optimal hygiene in the cowshed. Special emphasis should be placed on the skin on the cow’s back. Due to the solid workmanship, our equipment increases the cow comfort of up to 50 animals.

The brushes can be started very easily with a minimum of pressure. Once the switch has been triggered, the comfort brush will rotate for around one minute. The alternating startup directions increase both the hygiene and durability of the equipment. Furthermore, GEA uses only high-quality and hard-wearing nylon instead of polypropylene. The brushing effect for maximum cow comfort is therefore maintained over the long-term. The drive unit housing ensures extra protection.

The correct installation: Maximize comfort and hygiene

The brushes increase cow comfort, although they are not suitable for bulls and cattle in heat. Also ensure that longer hairs are shortened. Once the animals have been dehorned and halters removed, nothing stands in the way of increased comfort and hygiene.
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