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The CowMander 007/015 and CowMander 600/700 automatic cow herders guide your herd quickly and gently to the milking parlor, dramatically reducing your workload.

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It takes a lot of time to herd cows into a milking parlor, particularly when you have a large herd with multiple groups: The animals have to be guided to the milking parlor slowly and separately. To make this task a little easier, GEA, a systems provider for the agricultural industry, has designed a range of automatic cow herders: the CowMander 007/015 and the CowMander 600/700.

Automatic cow herders from GEA: the perfect solution for every dairy

GEA offers four different cow herders that can be integrated seamlessly into your existing system. They are available in different sizes with optional functions so that you can find the perfect system for your dairy. All of the automatic herding systems are designed to save you time: Instead of sorting cows into different groups and guiding them to the milking parlor manually, this is all done at the touch of a button. The herd is guided gently and stress-free towards the milking parlor, where the herding effect is amplified with a visual or acoustic signal.

An overview of the benefits:

  • Cows are herded calmly and gently
  • Automatic group selection
  • Available in different sizes and layouts
  • Low-maintenance with robust technology
  • Higher milk yields, smaller workload

Which solution is right for you depends upon the specific requirements of your dairy. Below is an overview of the range of cow herders offered by GEA.

CowMander 007 and 015 automatic cow herders

The CowMander 007 and 015 systems from GEA are great entry level products for automatic cow herding. Both systems are fully automatic and feature electronic controls that move the cow herder slowly forwards. The cows are guided quickly and calmly to the milking parlor with the help of an acoustic signal.

CowMander 007:

  • Simple cow herder 
  • A herding curtain is hung from the ceiling and moved slowly forwards to encourage the herd to continue on. 
  • The means you no longer have go through the time-consuming process of herding the cows manually. 
  • The CowMander 007 can be used in waiting areas up to 12 m wide 
  • Ideal for small to medium herd sizes 
  • Compatible with every milking parlor

CowMander 015:

  • Features a gate that is moved forwards electronically. 
  • Uses multiple gates to separate the different groups within the herd and guide them separately and continuously towards the milking parlor. 
  • The CowMander 015 can be integrated into waiting areas up to 15 m wide.
  • For medium-sized herds

CowMander 600 and 700 automatic cow herders

The CowMander 600/700 cow herders are a powerful development for more demanding dairies. Both systems can be extended with optional extras. Both models use a wear-proof, low-maintenance hydraulic system that can be mounted on either the left or the right hand side of the waiting area. Both herders can also be fitted with a manure scraper to clean the waiting area. An overview of the two solutions:

CowMander 600:

  • Gate for waiting areas up to 11 m wide
  • Driven by a low-maintenance hydraulic system. 
  • Can also be fitted with a horn.

CowMander 700:

  • Features a large gate. 
  • Can be used to separate waiting areas up to 15 m wide 
  • Features a wear-proof hydraulic system.
  • Can be fitted with a horn.
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