Animal Scale TaxaTron 5000

The Taxatron animal weigher helps you to optimize the weighing process of your cattle.

Animal Scale Taxatron

Automated processes help you, as a farmer, to work efficiently and in a forward-looking way. One the most important tasks in an agricultural operation is the continuous monitoring of the weight of every single cow. As a system provider, we also present you with an optimal and professional solution for this task: the Taxatron 5000 animal weigher.

Here are the advantages of this weigher at a glance:

  • Time-saving weighing process while the cattle are freely passing through
  • Objective assessment of the nutritional condition of each cow
  • Optimisation of the feeding and health of your herd
  • Increased throughput of each cow for all types of milking parlor

In general, the closer a cows gets to its ideal weight, the more efficient the milking procedure becomes. If desired, you can also integrate the animal weigher into our AutoSelect 5000 system, for example.

Save time: by weighing while the cattle are freely passing through.

With the Taxatron 5000 animal weigher you continuously record the weight of your cattle. Your benefit to you is that you can constantly monitor each animal's condition and, where necessary, are able to optimize milk production with an updated feeding plan. The weighing takes place while the cattle are freely passing through - which means that you do not lose any time during the daily weight control. The weighing technology is so advanced that it does not require the cow to stand still to be weighed. This also ensures increased efficiency, as the animal flow is not interrupted. By automating this task with the Taxatron 5000 animal weigher, you will have more time for other tasks and the coordination on your farm.

The interaction of the Taxatron animal weigher and DairyPlan C21

Continuous weight measurement of each cow results in a great deal of data. An additional product from GEA will help you to present this information in a clearly organised layout: the DairyPlan C21 software. DairyPlan C21 prepares clearly structured tables and diagrams for you from the multitude of figures – depending on your requirements, for each single cow, special feeding groups or for the whole herd. Discrepancies in weight and changes in eating pattern are precisely recorded. You can extract the important information from the data produced in an uncomplicated manner and at a glance. Based on these results, you can adjust your feeding strategies – either individually or for entire groups of animals. The animal weigher helps you to control the milk yield together with the intuitively operated software.
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