Animal Sorting iSORTER Remote Sorting System

The iSORTER is a high performance remote sorting gate solution for use with small or large herds.

iSORTER Remote Sorting System

It can be used with standard sorting gate solutions (such as the 3 way sorter shown below with options of left, right or exit) for total sorting control or the single sort gate option.

The system consists of a remote hand held controller that has a protective pouch and can be worn around the neck using the lanyard. This pouch provides excellent protection for reliable operation and long life.

The iSORTER controller uses a radio transmitter and receiver and can operate up to a distance of 30 meters. The operator has buttons for controlling the left and right gates along with the Texas or auxiliary gate as an option.

Key Features

  • Waterproof handheld remote
  • 30m plus operating range
  • Can be used to control iSOLATOR stalling gates
  • Connection available to exiting gates
  • Controls left, right and Texas gates
  • Can be worn as pendant around operators neck for quick operation
  • Auxiliary control option for extra functionality
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Sorting Gate

Single Sorting Gate for raceways on entry or exit of parlors

The stand alone sorting gate is a low cost option for effective sorting of cows in raceways on entry or exit of parlors. The gate is quick acting and features a ‘wide opening’ design using two gates moving in opposite directions, creating a large gap for cows to easily move through.

The sorting gate is mounted directly onto the concrete floor using Excalibur bolts. Installation is quick and easy without the need to drill concrete in retrofit installations, making the product suitable for both new and existing parlors.

The operator can control the gate with either manual pneumatic controls or electric switches controlling solenoid valves. The controls can be remote mounted so the operator can control the gate without disturbing cow flow.

Alternately the gate can be controlled by the iSORTER. This allows remote operation of the gate using a hand held controller which has a range of 30 meters plus.

Key Features

  • Simple stand alone sorting option
  • Easy installation for new and existing dairies
  • Manual or remote control options
  • Quite yet fast gate operation
  • Can be configured for either draft left or right
  • Gate hinges are fitted with machined nylon bush’s for quiet and long life operation
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