Ensure one-way cow traffic inside the barn

GEA One Way Finger Gate

Ensure one-way cow traffic inside the barn

One Way Finger Gate

One-way cow traffic

One Way Finger Gate

The GEA One Way Finger Gate promotes an optimal multiple cows guidance, creates best routing and prevents cows returning, making easier to conduct the animals safely inside the barn. In addition there is more room for the cows to pass through the gate at the same time, creating a high capacity one way passage.

As optional, you can have a Training Mode that enable the herd to get used to the gate without any stress. With this feature, the fingers can be adjusted slightly forward to create more space for cows to pass through the finger gate.

  • Reliable system, the cow can´t enter the gate from the opposite side;
  • Clean walkway, due to its floating fingers;
  • Reduced backlash, for cow safety;
  • Practical, provided with a trainings mode (fingers can be adjusted to create wide access);
  • Fits any cow breed, possible to adjust the width between the fingers;
  • Cows get used easily to the gate with its unique training mode (optional);
  • More room for the cows to access; 
  • Easy to install;
  • Usable in different situations due to its modular set-up;
  • Adjustable width.
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