Milking Cluster Positioning

Having the right milking cluster positioning system increases both comfort and yield. GEA offers a range of intelligent solutions that can be added seamlessly to your milking parlor.

To ensure that the milking process is both fast and comfortable, the milking cluster must be positioned perfectly under the udder. Otherwise it can be very uncomfortable for the cow. Get it right every time by fitting your milking parlor with a professional milking cluster positioning system. These products help to ensure that the weight of the milking cluster is distributed evenly across the udder. This accelerates the milking process, giving you higher throughput and yields for your dairy, as well as happier cows. As an agricultural systems provider, we are proud to offer you a range of cleverly designed solutions for milking cluster positioning, specially developed for your milking parlor. An overview of the professional milking cluster positioning products from GEA:

PosiCare milking cluster positioning system: automatic positioning of the milking cluster and less stress for the cow

  • Easy to attach with electronic height adjustment
  • Even weight distribution for greater udder comfort
  • Short milking times and optimized stripping process for higher yields
  • Minimizes problems with adhesion
  • Can be combined with the Apollo system from GEA – the PosiCare and Apollo systems make it easy to automate dipping after milking and to disinfect the milking cluster, as well as provide a better overall performance of the milking parlor. Reduces the amount of work required of the milker in the milking parlor.

PosiCare from GEA is a very high-quality milking cluster positioning system with post-milking functions that not only simplifies the positioning of the milking cluster, but also provides greater comfort for the cow during stripping. Can be adjusted individually for every cow in your herd. The height of the PosiCare's arm can be adjusted electronically to suit the size of each individual cow. The flexibility of the milking arm means that the milking cluster always follows the movement of the cow, ensuring the process is comfortable and convenient for both the cow and the milker. The flexible milking arm position also reduces the risk of adhesion problems. The milking cluster no longer needs to be adjusted manually for each individual cow, PosiCare takes care of it for you.

PosiLactor milking cluster positioning: extra flexible for greater comfort

  • New, flexible joints ensure that the milking cluster is ideally positioned to achieve the best milking results for each individual animal and to make the working process more convenient
  • The milking arm swivels smoothly, making it easier to attach the milking cluster
  • The milking cluster can remain on the PosiLactor for cleaning

PosiMax milking cluster positioning system: the flexible weightlifter

Cluster Positioning PosiMax II

  • Flexible, simple and sturdy design: helps to position the milking cluster perfectly for each animal and to keep it in position during milking, following the movements of the cow
  • Even weight distribution over the udder quarters for gentle milking
  • Optimized stripping with perfect positioning, meaning better udder health and increased yield
  • Easy to use: shortens milking times and is more convenient to operate

The PosiMax milking cluster positioning system helps you to ensure that the milking cluster is always positioned perfectly under the udder. The positioning can be adjusted for each individual animal so that they can be stripped perfectly, giving you the highest possible yield. The milking process is also more comfortable for the cow as the milking cluster is adjusted to suit them and follows their movements.

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