Milking Cluster iC330

The iC330 Milking Cluster has been designed especially to meet the needs of high-yielding, fast milking animals.

Although large in capacity, the size, overall weight and width of the claw has been kept to a minimum. This allows express attachment to the udder through the back legs or from the side. The key features have been achieved through modern sleek styling of both the claw bowl and stainless steel top. The iC330 claw is protected from its harsh working environment through high tech and robust plastic moldings with a well-placed protective bumper.

Key Features

  • Hook for ACR supplied as standard
  • 360° visibility
  • Automatic shut-off
  • 2 x 2 pulsation or 4 x 0 pulsation
  • 13mm milk entries
  • 19mm milk outlets
  • Large volume capacity (330ml)

iC330 Specifications

Weight600 grams
Milk Inlet Tubes13mm
Milk Outlets19mm
Air Inlets7mm (2x2) and 13mm (4 x 0)
Air Outlets2 x 2 = 7mm
Pulsation Options2 x 2 and 4 x 0
Dimensions165mm L x 110mm W x 130mm D
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There are a range of liners and teat cup options available to ensure the right fit for your herd.


iFlex Liners
  • Milfos 10 Series liners are designed specifically for Milfos Claws
  • The unique shut off section in the tailpiece minimizes vacuum loss during cluster attachment
  • The liner offers excellent milking performance
  • Options for small, medium and large teat sizes

iCUP – Teatcup Options

Two style options available:

  • All stainless steel model
  • Clear end cap for detection of split liners

Milfos Luxator Quick Release Clip

The Milfos Luxator quick release clip was developed to provide a reuseable breakaway point on the rope between the ACR ram and the cluster. This prevents damage to equipment if a cluster gets caught. It is made of high tech plastics and when it breaks away can be reassembled by inserting the ball end in the cavity and then locking it back in place. It is attached to the cluster by a heavy duty stainless steel ring.



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