Pilot Plant Testing Units Membrane Filtration Pilot Plant G


The GEA Filtration Model G membrane filtration pilot plant is a pilot-scale plant designed specifically for application development utilizing specialized tubular microfiltration membranes cast on a microporous, sintered stainless steel support structure.

The tubular format, sintered stainless steel membrane is ideally suited to difficult process streams characterized by high viscosity and/or high suspended solids load. The active membrane layer is titanium dioxide (TiO2) making it virtually unaffected by extremes in temperature, pressure or pH. The robust, seal-less and gasket-less module design makes it well suited for organic solvent applications and also allows for aggressive clean-in-place (CIP) with inexpensive, bulk chemicals.

In its base configuration, the Model G is configured with a single recirculation stage but an optional two stage design is also available providing for double the operating capacity. The plant can be operated in semi-batch or continuous feed-and-bleed mode.

All vital process parameters are easily manipulated for effective and efficient process development and optimization.

Standard Features

  • 30 gallon balance tank
  • Feed pump, centrifugal-type with 10 HP TEFC motor
  • Heat exchanger, tubular-type, one each for heating and cooling
  • Temperature and pressure indicators
  • 6" diameter by 10' long tubular sintered stainless steel microfiltration module, ¾" diameter flow channels, 0.1 µ nominal pore size, ASME code design and stamp
  • Recirculation pump, centrifugal-type with 20 HP TEFC motor
  • Flow meters, magnetic-type for feed, recirculation and permeate flows
  • Flow meter, mass-type for concentrate flow
  • Control and routing valves
  • Assembled on a tubular stainless steel frame
  • Control panel

Unique Features

  • Designed and built for application development of TiO2 microfiltration membrane material cast on a tubular sintered stainless steel support structure

Optional Features

  • Two recirculation stage design
  • Hazardous area electrical construction
  • Steam sterilization
  • 3/8" or 3/4" diameter flow channels
  • 0.02 µ nominal pore size

Utility Requirements

Floor space:5'W x 14'L x 8'H
Shipping weight:5,000 lbs
Total HP:30 HP
Feed Line Fitting:1 1/2" TC
CIP Fitting:1 1/2" TC
CIP Flow:20 - 30 GPM
Drain Fittings:1 1/2" TC
Tank Drain:2 1/2" TC
Product Outlets:1 1/2" TC
Seal Water In:3/8" poly
Seal Water Out:3/8" poly
Seal Water Flow:1 - 2 GPM
Cooling In:1 1/2" TC
Cooling Out:1 1/2" TC
Cooling Flow:up to 10 GPM
Steam In:3/4" NPT
Steam Out:3/4" NPT
Steam Required:up to 100 pph, 50 psi
Compressed Air Inlet:1/4" poly
Air Required:25 scfm, 80 psi
Caster Mounted:No

Operating Conditions

Membrane area:4.9 M2
Pressure:up to 150 psi (10 bar)
Temperature:up to 250 degF (120 degC)
Feed Flow:up to 60 GPM (13.6 M3/h)