Liquid salt dosage systems

Salt addition is a key stage in the processing of a range of pasta filata-type cheeses.

GEA offers a comprehensive portfolio of technologies for the dosing of precise quantities of liquid salt solutions, and accurate temperature regulation. Our user-friendly technologies demonstrate low maintenance and operating costs, coupled with optimized energy efficiency.

GEA configures both stainless steel and fibreglass-reinforced plastic tank systems for liquid salt dosing, with capacities of up to 800 liters. All GEA systems have been developed to meet the highest hygienic requirements, and promise robust and reliable operation.

Our thermoregulated system for salt dosage is constructed around a cylindrical stainless steel tank with capacity of about 800 liters, in which the salt solution is prepared. The cold salt solution is then passed from the tank by centrifugal pump to the heating station, which comprises a heat exchanger with titanium plates. Heated saline solution is then piped to the stretching machines.

The desired temperature of salt solution can be easily set by the operator. The actual temperature is monitored by a feeler unit in the delivery pipe. This temperature data is then sent to the modulating valve, which automatically adjusts the flow of steam. Dosage of the solution at the correct temperature is adjusted by the operator at a valve in the delivery line.  


GEA also offers a two-tank system for liquid salt dosing. In the first fibreglass-reinforced plastic tank, up to 1800 liters of saturated salt solution can be prepared. The saturated solution is then pumped to the second fibreglass-reinforced tank, where it is mixed with fresh water to reach the exact salinity required. The amount of saturated saline taken into the second tank is automatically adjusted to ensure the precise final salt concentration.

This final saline solution is heated using direct steam injection, with temperature control maintained via a thermoregulator feeler system, which adjusts the steam inlet valve. Vats with level feelers then feed the saline solution to the stretching machines.


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