Lidding systems


GEA offers an innovative rotary moulder for producing custom-designed lids and lattices for pies and tarts.

Topped by imagination

The RTT lidding system can be supplied with rollers for reproducing the most imaginative of our customers’ lid or lattice patterns or logos, and with an additional crimping press to seal the lid to the pie. 


Rotary moulder

GEA’s RTT rotary molder is has been developed as a dedicated system for producing lids and lattices to top pies. It offers almost limitless opportunities to personalize pie products such as Italian crostatina or mince pies.

The RTT lidding system consists of a rotary molder that forms the lattice tops or lids, and which can be paired with a crimping press to seal the top of the pie. GEA can supply rollers to reproduce the mold for just about any lattice or lid pattern, including designs from customer’s own drawings, or to replicate a brand or logo. GEA has designed the RTT system to offer user-friendly operation, with easy and fast changeover of rollers to minimize down time.