High Intensity Fluorescent Lighting Systems

Durable, High Efficiency, Vapor Tight Light Fixtures

Brighten up your freestall buildings, milking parlor, or mechanical shop with these complete lighting systems that meet all of your dairy’s needs. Long day lighting and daylight harvest control are provided, and the high efficiency fixtures meet the requirements of most rebate programs. High Intensity Fluorescent Systems save on energy and maintenance expenses – so you can put dollars back in your pocket, today!

Features & Benefits

  • T5HO lamps – provide superior light quality and lumen maintenance. Benefit from up to 50% longer lamp life. Higher lumen per lamp equals fewer lamps and fixtures required when compared to T8 high lumen fixtures.
  • Program rapid start ballast (like a soft start) – extends lamp life up to 36,000 hours and provides -20° F. starting.
  • 13W LED fixture – used as twilight in long day lighting systems. One per waterer location provides adequate light level for both livestock and workers.
  • Lighting system for complete dairy complex – for use in milking parlor, livestock housing, mechanical shop, utility rooms, and storage rooms - indoor and outdoor fixtures available with automated control.
  • Less energy and maintenance – high intensity fluorescent systems save 40-60% in energy, when compared to HID systems and save 50% in maintenance. LED fixtures save 65-75% in energy, when compared to HID systems and save 80% in maintenance.
  • Long Day Lighting (LDL) benefits – dairy producers can easily incorporate the management practice of extending the duration of light that lactating cows are exposed to in order to increase milk production.
  • Durable – light fixtures have a non-corrosive body with stainless steel hardware.
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