iDENTITY Herd Overview Software

The iDENTITY herd management software has been designed as a key management tool for your rotary milking parlour.

Your animal records including lifetime history are stored within the database.

The operators have access to this information at milking time through the clusters on and clusters off consoles. Cows are electronically identified on the platform and this allows a range of automation options such as audible and visual alerts, auto feeding, auto sorting, weighing and collection of valuable milk production data.

iDENTITY offers an easy to use and cost effective automation solution for your dairy operation. iDENTITY can connect to sensors to record yield, conductivity, fat, protein, lactose and somatic cell data.

Key Features

  • Life time record of each cow
  • Easy to use
  • View and edit cow details quickly and efficiently


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