Handling systems

Baked biscuits and crackers need very gentle handling after cooling as they are transferred to the wrapping and packaging stations

GEA offers a versatile portfolio of automated, precise stacking systems that can be integrated into a production line.

GEA has developed two stacking systems to handle any type of biscuit or cracker. The products may be aligned and channeled, or diverted in guides towards systems that automate product stacking prior to packaging. The Star Wheel system is commonly used for lines that process products of similar size and thickness. The Penny Stacker is more flexible and can handle a wider range of products. The Penny Stacker comprises a set of conveyors that run at different speeds. This speed differential causes the products to overlap as they pass from the faster conveyor to the slower conveyor The Star Wheel system uses a rotating, star-shaped shaft that takes the products and turns them on their ends onto a separate conveyor. Stacked products can then be loaded using automated loaders, onto the wrapping system.