Semi-Hermetic Compressors HA Single-Stage Compressors

The GEA Bock HA (Hermetic Air-cooled) range of compressors are the most efficient semi-hermetic solution for low-temperature applications.

Low-temperature applications place greater demands on compressors. This applies particularly to suction-gas-cooled semi-hermetic compressors. Within low-temperature applications the refrigerant mass flow is smaller and is heated up disproportionately by the drive motor. This has the following effects on the operation of the compressor:
  • The volumetric efficiency is reduced due to the decreasing specific density
  • The discharge temperature and oil temperature are higher. This means that the oil ages more quickly and the lubrication properties deteriorate
GEA Bock HA compressors are the most efficient alternative. It employs a direct-suction compressor combined with an air-cooled drive motor. The suction gas is not heated additionally, but rather fed directly into the cylinders without diversions via the motor. A compact ventilation unit is integrated to cool the motor and provide air flow for the cylinder heads, partially cooling them as well. This solution reduces the discharge temperature, increasing capacity and extending the range of applications. Air-Cooled HA range is dedicated for low temperature application and offers following advantages compared with standard gas-cooled semi hermetic range:
  • lower discharge temperatures. Especially advantageous in operation with new transitional R404A replacement refrigerants.
  • higher efficiency. Especially compared with compressor models forced to use liquid injection for discharge gas cooling.
HA44e sectional drawing
HA44e sectional drawing

Special features:

  • External fan for motor cooling
  • Highly efficient electric motors of the latest generation
  • Exchangeable motor
  • Standard footprints
  • Standard connections
  • Proven and reliable oil pump lubrication
  • Improved valve plate system
  • Newly designed housing with optimized gas flow

Discharge temperature comparison

HA vs. HG discharge temperature in operation with Low GWP refrigerant R449A
HA vs. HG discharge temperature in operation with Low GWP refrigerant R449A

Capacity data for Low GWP refrigerants e.g. 449A are available within our selection software VAP.

The Current Program

3 model sizes with 10 apacity stages  from 11.1 to 57.7 m³/h (50 Hz)
3 model sizes with 10 apacity stages from 11.1 to 57.7 m³/h (50 Hz)
HA Single-Stage Compressors
Current types Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 1/min) m³/h
HA22e 11.1 13.7 16.5
HA34e 18.8 22.1 27.3 33.1
HA44e 41.3 49.2 57.7

More information about the HA compressors (e.g. technical/performance data, drawings, spare part lists, operating limits) can be found in the compressor selection tool VAP via the following link: VAP compressor selection HA air-cooled compressor.