Spray Dryer SDMICRO™ R&D Spray Dryer

The SDMICRO™ R&D Spray Dryer is designed for feasibility testing at the early R&D and product development stages in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

R&D Spray Drying

The SDMICRO™ is a fully functional small-scale spray drying plant designed with the smallest possible spray drying chamber and to retain the same air flow pattern as a production-scale spray dryer. As a result, it will be feasible to perform trustworthy tests based on small volumes of formulations (100-200 mL). The intrinsically safe operation makes the SDMICRO™ equally suitable for use with nitrogen for products dissolved in organic solvents as with compressed air in connection with the drying of aqueous fluids.

Powder collection takes place using a cyclone and/or a bag filter.



  • Designed for R&D
  • Ideal for low volumes of high-value products 
  • Designed for organic solvent or water based formulations 
  • Application of inert process gas or compressed air as the drying medium 
  • Easy to dismantle for cleaning and fast product switch 
  • Compact dimensions