RCF Series Volumetric Filler - 10 Head

Previously known as the Albro Theta filler, the RCF-10V is the flagship filler of the vacuum filling range.

The RCF-10V is designed to handle free-flowing and non-free-flowing products in the food and dairy industries. Its state-of-the-art design represents 70 years of powder filling development.


Available in two frame sizes with up to 10 filling heads, output speeds of more than 135 containers per minute can be achieved with container sizes up to 3 kg. At each filling head, a straight vertical tube leads from the hopper directly through the filling nozzle into the containers to be filled. The filling nozzle also incorporates a vacuum tube and a vacuum breaker tube. Although there is no valve, powder is retained in the nozzle until a vacuum is induced when a container is in the filling position. The container then forms an integral part of the totally enclosed vacuum filling circuit. There are no moving parts in contact with the product.

The filling cycle commences immediately after the container is connected to the filling nozzle; the air is drawn out and the product flows into the container from the hopper above. When the powder reaches the desired level in the container, it stops flowing and air or inert gas is let in to release the vacuum. Filling will not take place until a container is in position; damaged containers will not be filled as the required vacuum will not be generated.



  • Volumetric fill (standard technique for high accuracy filling of a wide range of products) 
  • No moving parts for minimal product breakdown and no product contamination 
  • Self-emptying hopper prevents dead zones, minimizes cleaning and reduces changeover time 
  • Tool-free changeover for minimum downtime and maximum up-time
  • Powder spray nozzles to spread filled powder and prevent scoops rising in the container during filling 
  • Swing-out hopper design (see below).

Additional Features

  • timed fill machines (eliminates high variation of fill for fluid powders) 
  • pulse control fill for fatty chocolate/cocoa products 
  • individual head update: minimizes variations in filling head performance, maximizing filling accuracy 
  • vibration facility provides compaction capability for agglomerated products 
  • top-up system to minimize giveaway for minimum/net weight containers 
  • soft reject, gentle controlled rejection of out-of-weight containers 
  • gassing system to maintain the reduced residual oxygen content in the final product