ICF Series Volumetric Filler - 6 Head

Previously known as the Delta, the ICF-6V range of fully automatic inline powder fillers boasts an impressive array of features that provide a level of benefits previously unavailable to the low- and medium-speed user.

The compact ICF-6V filler is available in a six-head format and has been designed to fill in excess of 60 retail containers per minute of nutritional, dairy and coffee powders. Available as a standalone unit, it can also be supplied as part of a fully integrated, automatic retail filling line.

Filling Principle

GEA Avapac ICF-6V Close
ICF-6V Filling Heads

Containers are moved into alignment with the filling heads while on the integral in-feed conveyor. Correct container pitching is ensured using a synchronous indexing conveyor and feed control system. The containers are then automatically pushed from the conveyor onto individual pedestals under each filling head. The pedestals raise the containers to form a seal with the filling heads and, once an airtight seal has been made, the container is filled.

A vacuum is applied to the container, the air is drawn out and the product flows in. When the fill has reached the desired level, the product stops flowing and air or inert gas is let in to release the vacuum. The pedestal lowers and the next empty container is moved onto the pedestal. The filling head has no moving components in contact with the product, reducing product breakdown.

To facilitate cleaning, a removable hopper assembly has been incorporated that allows the entire filling assembly to be relocated at a convenient height for safe operator access.

Key Features

  • Sanitary, easy to clean design
  • Up to 60 containers/minute
  • Modified atmosphere packing (MAP) ready
  • Flexible: to handle a range of powder properties
  • Standard design: to handle three-piece tin plate cans,
  • Able to handle a broad range of metal, plastic or glass containers
  • No moving product-contact parts
  • Compact footprint
  • Simple plug-and-play installation.

Standard Features

  • Vacuum filling principle suitable for free-flowing and non-free-flowing powders and granules
  • Tool free design for simple rapid changeover
  • Safe-fil™ for “no container, no fill”
  • Average weight (e-Filling) self-emptying, easy-clean hopper
  • State-of-the-art control touchscreen HMI
  • Allen-Bradley or Siemens plc
  • 304 stainless steel frame and product contact parts
  • Average weight and minimum weight filling (when connected to a suitable checkweigher)
  • Slide-out hopper for cleaning

Optional Features

  • Time/pulse fill control
  • Tare and gross check-weigh systems
  • Automatic vacuum feedback control
  • Product reject system
  • Manual or automatic top systems
  • Porous nozzle technology for free-flowing products
  • Modified atmosphere packing (MAP)
  • Total line control management system
  • Remote diagnostics facility
  • Facility to handle semi-rigid containers
  • Container vibration for product compaction.


  • CE
  • NFPA
  • ICEeX
  • 3A guidelines
  • EHEDG guidelines 

Please see GEA’s range of auger filling machines for improved accuracy solutions and for use with highly free-flowing powders.