Retail Fillers High Speed Auger Fillers

The RCF-10A filler delivers high performance and reliability at lower cost. The result is improved operational efficiency and reduced costs for our customers' retail powder packing plants.

Previously known as the Colby RCF-10, this filler takes the best auger filling technology from many years of filling experience. GEA has incorporated this technology into the RCF-10A resulting in a high speed continuous filling machine suitable for sanitary, reliable filling of a wide range of food and dairy powders.


GEA Avapac Auger Can Filler Close

Using state of the art closed loop, individual head, feedback technology combined with gross and tare check weighing these fillers achieve high accuracy and repeatability. This results in reduced product giveaway and fewer rejects.

Solid mechanical design combined with standard controls components ensures long term reliability and improved serviceability. User friendly controls mean ease of operation so start-ups are quicker and shut downs shorter.

Other features of Rotary Continuous Fillers (RCF) are high sanitation (to ‘3A’ standards), fast container diameter changeover and powered adjustment for container height.


Technical Information

Key Features

  • High Speed Rotary Filling
  • Up to 135 containers/minute
  • Auger Vacuum Filling Technique
  • Modified Atmosphere Packing (M.A.P.) included
  • Flexible to handle a range of powder properties
  • Standard design to handle 3-piece tin plate cans, available to handle broad range of metal, plastic or
    glass containers
  • Ease of Container Diameter Changeover
  • Tare/Gross Check Weighing with Feedback
  • Sanitary Design
  • Reliability > 99 %
  • Low Powder Breakdown

Standard Features 

  • Main operator interface via color touch panel
  • Auger filling with vibration compaction and vacuum break
  • Inert pre-gassing of product and containers
  • Tool-free disassembly for routine cleaning

Optional Features

  • Spare parts including additional change parts
  • Mixed gas capability for Carbon Dioxide / Nitrogen gassing
  • Average weight (e-Filling)
  • Batch reporting to printer
  • Ethernet connectivity for batch data / SCADA reporting
  • Vacuum Cleaner for table top cleaning
  • Container Reject System
  • Tare Checkweighing
  • Vibration compaction