Purger Self-limiting Automatic Purger

The GEA Purger increases the efficiency and improves the characteristics of every industrial refrigeration plant.

Non-condensable gases cause considerable loss of efficiency. Air or other non-condensable gases can dissolve in the refrigerant and come into circulation in the refrigeration system, causing even in small concentrations a significant increase in condensing pressure due to their different/higher partial pressures. Refrigeration systems must therefore be kept as free as possible from non-condensables. The most effective way of doing this is by automatic purging, as this responds immediately to any entering of non-condensables in the system.

The Self-limiting Automatic Purger is a purging device which reduces the concentration of non-condensables to a negligible percentage, with a just as negligible loss of refrigerant. This patented self-limiting Automatic Purger starts only when the concentration of non-condensables in the liquid receiver is 2% or more and stops when this concentration has dropped to below 1%. Since, in the entire installation, the average concentration of non-condensable gases is much lower, this represents an average concentration in the installation of less than 0.1%.


Maximizing your system performance!

  • Minimizing plant power consumption.
  • Hermetic internal cooling system.
  • Capacity of the refrigeration plant restores to maximum level.
  • More safe for operators (no interference with the system).
  • Increased safety for the total plant.
  • Less or no plant breakdowns during hot summers.
  • Suitable for all common refrigerants.
  • Plug and play with only one connection to main refrigeration plant.
  • Self contained, independently operating refrigeration unit also functions when the main plant has stopped.
  • Guaranteed final concentration of non-condensables in the condenser lower than 2%.
  • Saving more than 95% of refrigerant when compared with manually purging.
  • Suitable for any size of refrigeration plant; even on a 6000 kW installation, the GEA Grasso Purger showed to have sufficient capacity!
  • Featuring an hours-run counter for the registration of the effective purging time.
  • Also a ‘free contact’ is available to enable central hours-run registration.
  • Suitable for ambient temperatures up to 45°C.
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