GEA PowerPak ST

À la carte packaging solutions

Encompassing fully developed, highly individual solutions, the GEA PowerPak ST thermoformer perfectly satisfies all food sector requirements.

First-class packaging in every aspect

The GEA PowerPak embraces an abundance of packaging types in a single machine. The application range spans sliced cheese and sausage, cuts and portions, pastries, pasta, ready meals and vegetarian products. Designed for maximum diversity GEA PowerPak thermoformers produce MAP and vacuum packs as well as skin and steam evacuation options, topforming packs with an inline formed lid and shrink packs.

Working principle 
A powerful transport chain is securely gripping the bottom web at the infeed drum. A precision servo motor indexes the web through the machine process. The index length is programmable on the HMI and stored as recipe parameter. The loading area is accessible from both sides for multiple operators. Powerful GEA Membrane seal system for reliable seals and constant peel forces. Knee lever punches for semi-rigid bottom web, with central adjustment of cutting forces. Optional Strip punches for smoothly rounded pack corners, or radiused pack sides (All cross punches alternatively with servo drive). Guillotine crosscut knives for flexible bottom web, optional tear notch cutting. Choice of longitudinal cutting systems with optional strip cutting for superior pack quality. For increased running time with long indexes, jumbo unwinds for top and bottom web can be utilized. 

  • Standard servo motor for transport chain indexing
  • Optional servo drives for lifting systems and cross punches 
  • Proven, long-lasting high precision cutting systems, easily adjustable 

The robust machine frame, latest control and drive technology are the basis for secure production. The GEA membrane seal head ensures tight and even seals, with only a minimum of maintenance required. A choice of vacuum pumps is available, with external placement of larger pumps. Built to perform in 24/7 production environments, with minimum maintenance demands. 

  • Parameter stored in individual recipes, for constant batch run quality
  • Robust machine frame
  • Reliable components from established suppliers
  • Seamless integration with GEA End-of-Line components

Output quality 
Choice of Heating and Forming systems to run a variety of bottom web types. Optional OptiForm plugs for even web distribution in deeper trays. GEA Membrane seal system guarantees high seal forces with even distribution over the whole sealing surface, for consistent results with peelable webs and reliably tight seals. Optional lifting die tops to prevent heat impact on sensitive films or products during machine stops. 

  • GEA Membrane seal system for tight seals and even peel opening
  • Various peel corner designs for easy opening
  • Choice of heating and forming systems for stable, well-defined pack forming
  • Choice of cutting systems for smoothly rounded pack corners
  • Optional product detection systems with faulty pack eject on optional PowerGuide systems 

The GEA PowerPak utilizes a modular machine frame concept. The machine can be adapted to changing requirements in the future. Loading area extension for integration into packaging lines with automated loading; - Labeling extension for installation of top and bottom web labeler; - Choice of Cutting systems to handle a huge variety of film types; - TopForm option. A wide range of different quick die change options allow for an individual setup to minimize tool change downtimes in different production setups. 

  • Modular machine frame
  • Optional print mark detection with top web brake; Unique function for fast adaptation to changing print mark distances
  • Choice of air, vacuum or MAP packs or unique cardboard/plastic combinations

Date packaging on GEA PowerPak ST thermoformer

The GEA PowerPak is built to endure 24/7 production environments with minimized scheduled maintenance demands. Deliberately oversized structural components in the machine frame and lifting systems ensure years of operational life under huge mechanical load conditions. Main components from leading specialized suppliers are used throughout the machine, ensuring the usage of state-of-the-art technology in performance-critical areas.

Open, extremely robust, stainless steel frame with spacers for internal tubing and wires. Softkey selector switch for cleaning mode ("tools up") to prevent water damage and condensation water built-up. Sloped surfaces prevent the accumulation of water. Hinged side sheets remain on the machine during cleaning and sanitation, while still allowing easy access to all interior structures for thorough cleaning. Special maintenance-free bearings in the lifting system run without needing grease on the shafts. Pneumatics and electrics/ electronics separated in two different cabinets.

  • Sanitary open frame design
  • No greasing of bearings required
  • Cleaning mode for tooling and transport chains
  • US Dairy 3A certification
  • Sloped surfaces and hinged side sheets

The GEA PowerPak meets all current national and international standards for safe machine operation and is compliant with EU Machine directive 2006/42/EC.

  • CE labeled
  • BG approved (independent German certifying body)
  • State-of-the-art RFID- based technology for safety guarding
  • Optional: UL approved

GEA Controls are ideally suited to operate the machine both as stand-alone, or fully integrated into the company's network. On onboard Ethernet interface is standard! The large 10" HMI Color Touch Panel offers multiple language choices. Operators find the symbol based main control surface very easy to work with. Optional RFID tags allow for access control to quality relevant machine settings. Troubleshooting and error evaluation via remote access and VNC viewer. Customized HMI surface: Individual selection of most frequently used icons on the front page.

  • Proven, non- proprietary PLC with IPC functionality; network ready
  • Unlimited recipe storage
  • Recipe backup on USB sticks
  • PLC program backup on CF card; Remote access for troubleshooting
  • Intuitive, symbol-based HMI surface; Optional RFID tag controlled individual access levels


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