Defines the Wort Quality and Character of the final Beer Mashing

Gentle, energy-saving and efficient

Technical and process functions like temperatures, circumferential speeds, agitator design, vessel wall temperatures, physical and biochemical conversions are all characterizing the mashing process in the brewhouse. The effectiveness and quality of the mashing process will influence significantly the wort quality and the character of the finished beer.

A sophisticated combination of equipment and technology

As simple as the mashing process looks in principle, it is as complex as its various functions. When designing a mash vessel, all these functions are of considerable importance and must be taken into consideration. To guarantee that all requirements are met, our mash tuns and mash tun kettles have all the necessary technical process features. This starts with an equal temperature distribution over the mash contact area in the vessel, which is ensured by our specially designed vessel heating jackets. Should the brewhouse plant be equipped with our energy storage system, it is possible - with appropriate excess heat from wort boiling - to supply the mashing process with heat recovered from wort boiling vapors or from a combined heat and power plant. These fuel savings go hand in hand with an important technological advantage: the mash is heated up very gently via the additional, thermically optimized heat transfer areas in the vessel. This keeps the temperature of the interface region on the mash side extremely low.



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