Pneumatic impactors from GEA are suitable for a wide range of applications to assist product discharge from hoppers and silos.

Products that are not free-flowing can often require mechanical assistance to get them flowing at the required rate. In many cases this needs a mechanical solution such as an air knocker or impactor which is mounted to the vessel and impacts directly on the sloping wall. Suitable for knocking stubborn residue from walls, pipes and containers.


In many applications, it is appropriate to use compressed air to move non-free flowing powders using a fluidizing nozzle or sintered filter lance. However, this requires the nozzle or lance to penetrate the wall of the vessel resulting in direct product contact.

In applications where it is less desirable to penetrate the storage vessel, a mechanical knocker or impactor is the best solution to aid flow of powdered products.

GEA is experienced in selecting the correct impactor to suit the application and vessel type. Our design process includes the correct placement and control of the impactor(s) to ensure consistent flow of product.



  • High impact force at low frequency
  • Low compressed air consumption
  • Neoprene impact head
  • Heavy duty cast iron or 316 stainless steel body
  • Pneumatic or electric timer control
  • Adjustable impact force and interval
  • Suitable for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Hazardous zone options: standard, flameproof, Exe, DIP, etc.


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