Retail Fillers Integrated Filler & Seamer

The innovative IFS-1A filler incorporates powder filling, inert gassing and seaming into one machine with a 1,500mm x 1,750mm footprint.

The IFS-1A is a unique, close coupled filler and seaming system that incorporates modified atmosphere processing (M.A.P.) into the filling process. The filling system uses state of the art closed loop feedback technology combined with gross check weighing, to achieve high accuracy and excellent repeatability. This enables reduced product giveaway and results in fewer rejects.


GEA Avapac IFS-1A Close
IFS-1A can feed to seamer

Not only does this save space, it increases system efficiency by the integrating the filling, gassing and closing processes. Key features include:

  • up to 25 cpm (99 mm diameter)
  • feedback control
  • accuracy <3.5 g
  • map included
  • sanitary design
  • flexibility: wide range of powders, ease of changeover
  • reliability: OEE >99%
  • low powder breakdown
  • output is a fully filled and sealed can