Packaged screw compressor systems GEA GMX series

Designed for high-stage or booster operation

The GEA GMX Series is available in several models, 30 – 350 HP, spanning 164 – 618 CFM utilizing various refrigerants including R-717, R-507, R-134A, R-744 and others.

Package features:

  • Service-friendly, compact layout. 
  • D-flange motor requiring no alignment. 
  • Multi-stage oil separator design guarantees low oil loss. 
  • Multiple oil-cooling options: thermosiphon, liquid-injection, water-cooled. 
  • Discharge hold back eliminating the need for external oil pump on most  R-717 packages. 
  • GEA Omni™ high-definition, multi-touch control panel. 

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