Chillers GEA Grasso FX P / GEA Grasso FX Pduo

The reliable and versatile range for cooling

The GEA FX P / GEA FX Pduo series is the industrial standard for applications with large temperature differences between evaporation and condensation. For freezing and cooling applications the range covers virtually all conceivable applications with a capacity from 200 to 5,800 kW.

Technical features

  • Wide application range as chiller, heat pump (28bar), or alternating machine
  • Flexible and modular design
  • Stepless capacity control with capacity slide and frequency inverter
  • Automatic and variable internal volume ratio (Vi)
  • High-efficiency plate heat exchangers as evaporators and condensers 
  • Liquid cooled condenser by default, suitable for other condenser types
  • Screw compressor chillers with 1 or 2 compressors (FX P or FX Pduo)
  • Low discharge temperatures even at high pressure ratios
  • Economizers as option

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GEA Grasso FX P / Pduo
TypeCompressorCapacity¹) (kW)Dimensions (mm)Weight (kg)

GEA Grasso FX P(1 compressor)

200GEA Grasso SH-C2092100170022003200
250GEA Grasso SH-D2452100170022003250
300GEA Grasso SH-E2942100170022003350
350GEA Grasso SH-G3482100170022003500
450GEA Grasso MC-H4453400200023005200
550GEA Grasso MC-L5253400200023005400
650GEA Grasso MC-M6463700210026506800
800GEA Grasso LT-P7954000210026507800
900GEA Grasso MC-N8553950220026508100
1100GEA Grasso LT-R10274200220026509000
1300GEA Grasso LT-S12744200220026509600
1500GEA Grasso LT-T139442002200265010300
1700GEA Grasso LT-V164746002500290011000
2000GEA Grasso LT-W190048002600290012000
2400GEA Grasso LT-Y230650002500365012800
2800GEA Grasso LT-Z276165002800365014900
3300GEA Grasso LT-XA326067003000365016250
4200GEA Grasso LT-XB416965004000500025500
5000GEA Grasso LT-XC492370004500500027500
5800GEA Grasso LT-XD582875004500500030000
GEA Grasso FX Pduo (2 compressors)2x2002 x GEA Grasso SH-C4184500240023004800
2x2502 x GEA Grasso SH-D4904500240023004900
2x3002 x GEA Grasso SH-E5884500240023005180
2x3502 x GEA Grasso SH-G6964500240023005480
2x4502 x GEA Grasso MC-H89052002500265010000
2x5502 x GEA Grasso MC-L105057002750265010600
2x6502 x GEA Grasso MC-M129260002750265011150
2x8002 x GEA Grasso LT-P159067003200290013500
2x9002 x GEA Grasso MC-N171065003200280012200
2x11002 x GEA Grasso LT-R205473003600360014500
2x13002 x GEA Grasso LT-S254875003600360015500
2x15002 x GEA Grasso LT-T278881003900360017500
2x17002 x GEA Grasso LT-V3294n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
2x20002 x GEA Grasso LT-W3800n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.
2x24002 x GEA Grasso LT-Y4612n.a.n.a.n.a.n.a.

¹) Secondary refrigerant temperature 12/6 °C, cooling medium temperature 27/32 °C