Automated Feeding GEA FreeStallFeeder WIC

Controlled by the software, the automatic feed wagon collects the TMR from the mixer and distributes it to each performance group quietly and precisely in customized portions at the specified times.

Small portions in a precise mix, perfectly distributed around the clock.

The GEA FreeStallFeeder WIC runs on rails to the mixer and collects the finished feed mix. It then slowly and quietly rolls along to the feeding tables at the programmed times and precisely distributes the feed portions to each performance group. The repeated distribution throughout the day minimizes feed losses, prevents overfeeding and, thus, promotes cow health.

The WIC system is programmed via computer: you can define up to 30 performance groups and specify the feed quantity that each group receives, how often and when. All of the data can be viewed and modified at any time via the barn computer, and relevant information is available on the touch screen on the feeder. If desired, you also receive the current data at any time regardless of your location as a status report on your smartphone.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Automatic rail-guided feed wagon: software-controlled filling of the pre-mixed feed and distribution in group-specific portions at programmed times of day and night
  • State-of-the-art WIC (Wireless Integrated Control): simple programming, control and optimisation of the feeding activities via computer or touch panel
  • Receive current status reports via smartphone regardless of the time and your location 
  • Space-saving installation for new barns or retrofits
FSF WIC system elements
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