Freestall Systems

Freestall, Mounting Options, and Accessories for the Ultimate in Comfort, Strength, and Versatility

Freestall systems from GEA feature innovative designs with state-of-the-art mounting systems. They have the strength and durability to withstand the harsh conditions of today’s commercial dairy facilities – and they are available in a variety of configurations to meet your cows’ needs.

Features & Benefits

  • A variety of stall designs and mounting systems – can be used with any type of bedding material; and all designs promote comfort, cleanliness, healthy hocks, and reduced incidents of injury.
  • Unobstructed lunge space – cows enter and exit stall, as well as get up and down with ease, reducing stress – and increasing stall usage.
  • Available in various neck rail heights and stall lengths – can be custom fit to heights that fit your herd – from heifers to mature cows.
  • Durable construction – freestall are made from strong, high tensile 2 3/8" OD 10 gauge pre-galvanized tubing – the strongest tubing on the market. It is corrosion resistant.
  • Custom stall designs available – we can accommodate your unique need.

Freestall Designs

Megabend – this shape has been the industry standard for 20 years; the design is simple, and economical. The wide, 36" span gives cows extra lunging space and it is available in various lengths to accommodate different stall lengths.

Superstall – this is the enhanced Megabend design – with an outside span of 38", 39" or 40". The top of the loop slopes downward to allow for easier stall exiting. The Superstall is time tested – installed on dairies for over 15 years and it has been extremely effective. It is available in various lengths for shorter or longer stalls.

Super Quad – this stall provides more hip room for cows lying down. It works well with sand bedding and narrower bed widths.

Dog Bone – this is a new, unique design that gives cows extreme freedom. It provides more access for grooming stalls, but it will require more bed maintenance.

Standard Heifer Loop – specifically designed for youngstock by weight.

Five Efficient Freestall Mounting Options

Single Beam – features a state-of-the-art, patented design; tested and proven on dairies worldwide. It’s built to last and easy to install – no welding or concrete work required. Single beam systems are great for heifer barns, where stall widths and neck rail heights can be changed at any time.

Horizontal Channel Mount – simple and economical, working well on outside rows by bolting to barn columns. Use for single or double rows of freestall.

Wood Post Mount – open front design provides extreme cow freedom. Mount to posts or barn columns with multi mount bracket.

Surface Mount – adjustable mounting options for cow friendly design. Bolts to concrete. Suspended pipe doesn’t allow cows to walk through.

Standpipe – individualized mounting pipe, complete with mounting brackets, boasting an open front design for cows to walk through. Install in concrete.

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Cushion Cross Clamp

This patented design features hot dipped galvanized cast steel, making it extremely durable. It’s easy to install with only two bolts that cannot be over tightened. The unique molded rubber insert separates and cushions the pipes to prevent bending and pipe distortion. This clamp will stay tight and reduces freestall maintenance.

Heavy-duty Cross Clamp

Original 4" wide design, with 1/4" thick steel clamps. Available in two sizes.

Stall Mount Poly Tube Bracket

Adjustable horizontally and vertically, as well as forward and backward for improved cow placement. Ideal for sand bedding conditions.

Weld U Brackets

Economical materials requiring no bolts. Horizontal channel mounting.

Neck Rail and Neck Rail Clamps

Extremely important in stabilizing and tying together the freestall system. These clams hold the neck rail tight to the freestall and enable easy neck rail adjustment.

Wooden Brisket Board Bracket

Economical and heavy-duty.

Super Duty Cross Clamp

Designed for longevity; 1/4" thick steel.

Poly Tube Brisket Pipe

Designed to position the cow when laying down; made of 5 ½" Poly-ethylene tubing.
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