Automatic Feeding Free Stall Feeder

Automatic feeding of ready-mixed food: The GEA Free Stall Feeder feeds different groups on your farm – in a time-saving, clean and efficient manner.

Time-saving, clean and precise – these are the advantages of the GEA Free Stall Feeder. The automatic feed wagon provides your cows with optimal feeding for the relevant group. The automatic control ensures smooth running with precise timing and can be effortlessly programmed from the operator panel.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Automatic feeding of the pre-mixed food.
  • Appropriate feeding for different groups
  • More space in your stall thanks to a reduced width and openings on both sides of the Free Stall Feeder
  • Optimized feed intake and utilization through frequent dispensing
  • Possible to set up a total of 15 different feed groups and 3 feed ingredients each group 

Automatic feeding – efficient, on time and quiet running with the GEA Free Stall Feeder

Feeding by hand demands a lot of time. You have to mix the food and bring it to each group separately. Following this, the feeding table has to be cleaned. The Free Stall Feeder provides considerable savings where this is concerned. It takes care of the automatic feeding, dispenses only optimal feed amounts, requires little space and minimizes the time taken.

The Free Stall Feeder automatically picks up the food from the mixer

The Free Stall Feeder for TMR feeding is fixed to rails attached e.g. to the ceiling of the stall. It automatically moves along these to the mixer and collects the required amount of feed. It then moves quietly and slowly past the feeding table of the relevant group and cleanly distributes the feed in individually determined portions in front of each cow. This system not only saves you a considerable amount of time, but also always distributes the ideal amount of feed.

The Free Stall Feeder works quietly and ensures optimal feed utilization

By using the Free Stall Feeder for feeding processes on your dairy farm, you not only save time and costs but also space. The container is constructed in such a way that it can distribute feed onto the feeding table. This means that the width of the feeding table can be reduced to just two meters. In addition, the automatic feed wagon consistently operates quietly and at the intervals you require. You simply have to program which group receives which feed and at what time. As such, you ensure that the milk quality remains continuously high and that your cows grow in the best way possible, as regular dispensing of feed ensures that there is optimal feed utilization. The Free Stall Feeder is available in three different sizes. Thus, GEA is able to offer the suitable model for every requirement.

Flexibly expandable due to modular design

The Free Stall Feeder can be expanded on a modular basis: You can combine it with the MVM Mixer or the large GM17 or MM8 bunkers. This allows you to perfectly customize TMR feeding to your farm. With the corresponding software you decide which group gets which food at which time. The whole TMR feeding procedure is thereby reduced to a single work process: the programming of the Free Stall Feeder. You also profit from the data which the system provides. On the basis of the stored feeding sessions you can analyze feeding behaviour and identify potentials of optimisation.

Free Stall Feeder Diagram
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