Curd Cutters

GEA offers a versatile range of curd cutters that are ideal for both batch and continuous curd processing. With holding capacities of up to 500 kg of curd, our technologies are developed to guarantee robust, reliable and safe operation.

Curd Cuters

GEA curd cutter units are constructed around an accumulation vat with a sloping chamber. A rotary auger at the end of the accumulation vat transfers the curd to an adjustable rotary cutter. This cuts the curd into small pieces, the thickness of which can be changed by adjusting the position of the cutting knives. The auger speed is also adjustable to vary the amount of curd passing through the cutter. Whey is removed and collected in a recovery vat equipped with grilled strainer. A pipe then connects this vat to the downstream stretching machine.

GEA offers a range of curd cutter models, which are designed to the highest specifications and hygiene standards. Options include the provision of sprinkler valves throughout the chamber and associated pipework for connecting to an external cleaning-in-place plant. It is also possible to configure some models units with safety sensors that automatically stop operation if inspection panels to the cutter are opened. And of course, all GEA technologies are designed to be service friendly, and are built using the highest quality materials and components to maximize lifespan.

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