Hot water heaters for cheese

GEA offers a versatile range of energy-efficient water heaters for supplying hot water for pasta filata cheese processing. Our technologies offer fast, accurately controlled heating, with options including stretching water recirculation.

Hot water heaters for cheese

GEA has developed a portfolio of water heaters to meet any production requirement and capacity for pasta filata cheese processing. Our 200 liters direct steam hot water vat can heat 350 liters of water from 10°C to 85°C, every hour, operating at 3 bar steam pressure. The thermoregulated system features a silencer injector in the steam inlet pipe, and solenoid valve.

We also offer a direct steam water heater for jackets, which can heat 120 liters of water from 20°C to 90°C in eight minutes, operating at 3 bar steam pressure. Water temperature is monitored and regulated via a control system that features a highly accurate temperature gauge, thermoregulator and electronically controlled on-off steam inlet valve. Water is circulated continually via a centrifugal pump.

Indirect steam water heaters from GEA can heat 2,000 liters of water to 90°C, per hour. The stainless steel rectangular tank contains a stainless steel double pipe coil for heat exchange. An automatic water level gauge and solenoid valve control the amount of water in the tank. The water temperature is adjusted using a thermoregulator feeler system connected to a modulating valve steam inlet.

Sprinklers connected to an external cleaning-in-place plant allow for optimum cleaning and reduced operator intervention. Safety features include protection grills to prevent accidental contact with steam. The system can also be configured to enable recirculation of the stretching liquid. 

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