Cylindrical coagulators for curd processing

Cylindrical coagulators for curd processing

Cylindrical coagulators for curd processing

Cylindrical coagulators for curd processing

The CF coagulator units from GEA carry out the process of milk coagulation, curd cutting, and curd/whey shaking, cooling or heating, to generate maximum yield. The systems offer the flexibility to process curd with enzymes, citric acid or using a combination process with both enzymes and citric acid.

The cylindrical coagulation vat is equipped with a steam-heated jacket for heating or maintaining the curd temperature. A sprinkler distributes the rennet homogeneously throughout the milk. At the end of the cycle, the curd/whey is discharged through a pneumatic valve at the bottom of the tank, and this valve also removes cleaning solutions. The curd churner is driven and controlled by a reliable and robust servo-motor with mechanical reducer and inverter. The production process is managed via a programmable PLC that can set and control all working parameters of the cycle. A memory function allows for up to five presets. 

The churner contains a series of sloping blades and balanced stirrers to guarantee homogenous curd mixing and cutting to the required size. The overall design facilitates maximum curd coagulation and maturation:

  • A two-dimensional churning motion ensures that the whole mass of curd is turned at each revolution. The balanced stirrers turn the curd axially, while the vat rotation provides radial movement of the curd mass. 
  • During mixing of the cut curd, radial motion ensures that the grains at the bottom of the churner are brought up to the surface repeatedly, which helps to ensure that all the curds are discharged.

GEA coagulation cylinders are designed to comply with the most stringent hygiene and sanitization requirements. The framework is made of AISI 304 stainless steel, and the interior of the vat features rotary cleaning sprinklers for rinsing at the end of the cycle or for sanitization. Cleaning pipes and rotary sprinklers can be connected to an external CIP plant.

You will also find hydraulic setting vats in our portfolio.

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