Open Type Compressor Units FDK Compressor Units

Compressor with shaft clutch for direct drive mounted on a profile base frame. Force transmission from the motor to the compressor is by an elastic shaft clutch. ICE standard motors IM B3 are used as drive motors (option).

Special features:

  • Robust profile base frame
  • Shaft clutch can be divided in installed state to allow for maintenance to compressor and motor without having to dismantle them from the base frame.


FDK compressor units
Current types Displacement (1450 rpm) m³/h
FDK16 152.2 178.4

More information about the FDK compressor units (e.g. technical/performance data, drawings, spare part lists, operating limits) can be found in the compressor selection tool VAP via the following link: VAP compressor selection FDK compressor units