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The Oslo Crystallizer

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It was invented by F. Jeremiassen of Krystal A/S, Oslo, Norway, in 1924, and it took the name of the city in which the design originated. It is also referred to as "growth-", "fluid-bed-", and "Krystal-" type. As the successor of Davy Powergas’ and A. W. Bamforth’s crystallization technology, GEA owns all documentation of OSLO installations built by these two companies. This background, added to GEA’s own extensive experience makes GEA the premier designer of OSLO crystallizers in the world.

The primary advantage of the OSLO crystallizer until today is the ability to grow crystals in a fluidized bed, which is not subject to mechanical circulation methods. A crystal in an OSLO unit will grow unhindered, to the size that its residence time in the fluid bed will allow. The result is that an OSLO crystallizer will grow the largest crystals, as compared to other crystallizer types. The slurry is removed from the crystallizer’s fluidized bed and sent to typical centrifugation sections. Clear liquor may also be purged from the crystallizer’s clarification zone, if necessary. From each of these basic types of crystallizers a number of different applications are designed from GEA engineers to fulfil the special needs of the customers.

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