Crystallizers are often used in the chemical industry to achieve liquid-solid separation and generate high purity products.

Solution Crystallization for Agrochemicals

Solid formulations of agrochemicals such as dusts, powders or granules and liquid formulations such as suspension concentrates are preferred marketing forms. GEA's solution crystallization adds value to client's business particularly in producing both the appropriate level of purity and the right size of crystals required on the market.

Fertilizer industry

SQM Chile

To meet the requirements of the agrochemical markets in terms of purity, particle size, GEA proposes a full range of crystallization technologies.

The most common crystallization operations used in agrochemicals is crystallization by concentration, crystallization by cooling and crystallization by reaction or equilibrium displacement.

Since the 1960’s, GEA has provided innovative solutions to the straight fertilizer industry, combining extensive expertise in evaporation and crystallization with appropriate research and development.

Its installations cover nitrogen fertilizer production in Ammonium Sulfate, Ammonium Chloride Ammonium Nitrate and Urea crystallization systems, and potassium chloride, potassium sulfate and potassium nitrate in the Potash fertilizer industry.

These installations include applications with new processing routes (such as recovery of by-products from waste streams) and reactive crystallization (spent sulfuric acids and ammonia to produce granular ammonium sulphate).

GEA plants, producing industrial-grade-quality straight fertilizers are found around the globe, from the Atacama desert of Chile to the European sylvinite and carnallite mines, and from the Dead Sea in the near East to caprolactam and methyl methacrylate facilities in Asia and North America.


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