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Increasing the economical efficiency by implementing energy recovery units in your industrial process

In the last years the high prices of energy and the need to reduce CO2 emissions increased the importance of energy recovery applications for all industrial processes. Energy prices have been rising dramatically the past years, and that can have economic consequences for the large energy consumers. But with our energy recovery system, GEA can help customers save up to 25 % on the energy bill.

Energy Recovery

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Hot process gas going to the plant stack means losing valuable thermal energy which could be easily recovered and/or converted in electric power. Waste heat in industry is a potential resource that is often unexploited.

Energy saving is a key success factor for GEA Customer Groups (mainly Cement, Glass, Iron & Steel, Non Ferrous, Refineries) having major impact on their balance bottom line.
Our customers can improve their efficiency by recovering waste heat not only from the production process, but also from the hot process gas in many cases released to the atmosphere unutilized. The recovered energy directly reduces the dependence on fossil fuels and in addition, the energy recovery plant becomes a valuable medium termed strategic asset.

GEA is well known for being a pioneer and world market leader in complete heat transfer solutions, also by using own and unique heat exchangers technologies. Combined with the extensive experience GEA has in process gas treatment, this assures to our customers the best reliability as design engineer and supplier of a complete energy recovery plant. As a further result of our close cooperation with partners and carefully chosen sub-supplier, our solutions consist of high efficient components and include the use of latest technology like energy recovery with ORC (Organic Rankine Cycle). 

What exactly is necessary to recover energy and to decrease emissions has to be carefully studied for every single industrial plant, also taking into account the possible impact of energy recovery on the process of an existing gas cleaning section or, in case of new plant, their complete integration.

Saving of energy cost and reducing CO2 emission makes an energy recovery plant an investment not only providing competitive advantages on final product cost, but also helping to preserve our environment for our future generations.

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