Scrubber Technology Emergency gas scrubbers

In order to prevent accidents caused by escapes of chlorine from leaking storage containers or dosing plants, GEA has developed chlorine emergency units, which operate according to the principle of the jet scrubbers.

They are able, in the event of an accident, to suck up the environmental air without using a mechanical ventilator, to chemically bin the chlorine into the scrubbing liquor (usually caustic soda) and to reintroduce the cleaned air into the environment. Only the circulation pump has to be switched on in order to start up the chlorine unit. The scrubbing liquor which is kept in the storage tank of the chlorine emergency unit is individually suited to the size of the chlorine plant and is always available in case of emergency. The used scrubbing liquor in which the chlorine is chemically bound can be disposed without any problems after the elimination of the incident.


GEA offers the chlorine emergency units in four standard sizes, in this case, the size of the plant is determined by the amount of chlorine gas to be bound and the amount of air to be conveyed.

The scrubbing stage consists largely of polyethylene PE. In accordance with the media lists of the Institute for Building Technology in Berlin, PE is approved for the storage of caustic soda. It is recommended that the plant is erected in a collection tank.

Construction dimensions and technical data are available. For larger absorption capacities, GEA can calculate solutions specially to suit your requirements. 


Your advantages

  • High level of operational safety and little maintenance
  • Immediately ready for operation on starting the circulation pump
  • Auto-suction of the gas flow and gas conveyance
  • No mechanical ventilator required
  • No fittings such as packing, droplet separator etc. which could become blocked
  • Immediate availability of the absorption medium
  • No problems with mechanical seals through use of submergible pump
  • Compact construction

Numerous GEA chlorine emergency scrubbing units are in operation in the chemical industry both at home and abroad. An increasing number of international and German water works are securing their chlorine tanks using GEA chlorine emergency units.