Crystallization technology DTB Crystallizers

DTB crystallizers in the chemical industry

The GEA turbulence with draft tube and baffle crystallizer is the typical modern type of crystallizer in the industry

DTB Crystallizers

Capro NH4SO2 DTB

This crystallizer has been named so because it provides for two discharge streams, one of slurry that contains the product crystals, and another, that is mother liquor (saturated solvent) with a small amount of fines. The configuration of the crystallizer is such that it promotes crystal growth, and can generate crystals of a larger average size than could be achieved in an FC. Most conventional turbulence crystallizers operate under vacuum, or at slight super atmospheric pressure.

The turbulence (DTB) crystallizer has been studied widely in crystallization theory, and can be modelled with accuracy. Its distinct zones of growth and clarified mother liquor make it possible to define in terms of kinetic parameters, and thus growth and nucleation rates can be determined. These features make the turbulence crystallizer very suitable to mathematical description, and thus subject to good operating control.



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