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FSD Minor™ Spray Dryer

The FSD Minor™ Spray Dryer is the smallest in a series of FSD™ Spray Dryers for R&D and small-volume production. It produces a coarse, agglomerated, free-flowing and dustless powder.

SSP FSD MINOR final 1200x675

With an integrated fluid bed at the bottom of the drying chamber, the FSD™ Spray Dryers combine spray and fluid bed technology into a robust process where drying and agglomeration take place in one single operation. The particle structure thus obtained is comparable to a bunch of grapes. This technology is especially well-suited for food applications, including sticky, hygroscopic, aromatic and heat-sensitive products.

The drying process

SSP FSD MINOR flow 1200x675

In the preliminary drying stage the concentrate is atomized by co-current nozzles placed in the drying air duct. The air enters the spray dryer vertically through the air disperser at high velocity, ensuring optimal mixing of the atomized droplets with the drying air. Evaporation is instantaneous taking place during the vertical passage down the drying chamber. In this first-stage drying, the particles will not be completely dried.

At high moisture contents, the powder will exhibit high thermo plasticity and become very sticky. However, the air flow in the FSD™ spray dryer is designed to prevent particles from sticking to the drying chamber leading them directly to the integrated static fluid bed for second-stage drying. If the carbohydrate and/or fat contents of the powder are high, cold air will be used to pre-cool the product. The integrated static fluid bed is supplied with air at a velocity sufficient for fluidizing the product and for adapting the temperature for the second stage drying. The drying air from both primary and second-stage drying leaves the chamber from the top.

Agglomerated powders are in high demand as they will frequently have improved flowability and dispersibility compared to fine powders; and, moreover, they are less dusty.


  • For product development and production in small volumes
  • Multi-stage drying technology
  • Integrated chamber fluid bed incorporated in the chamber base 
  • Excellent product flexibility and excellent thermal efficiencies
  • Drying of heat-sensitive and aromatic products  
  • Handling of sticky and hygroscopic products in one continuous operation 

  The small-scale GEA FSD™ Spray Dryer is available in four sizes:

FSD MINOR™Size 4.0Size 6.3Size 12.5
Nominal main process gas flow (kg/h)804006301,250
Water evaporation capacity (kg/h)0.5 - 65 - 2510 - 5020 - 90
Typical mean particle size (μm)30-30050-30050-30050-300

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FSD® Spray Dryer

FSD® Spray Dryer

The FSD® Spray Dryer, combining spray- and fluid-bed drying, is designed to provide optimum drying efficiency and the best product quality in agglomerated powders. The design, specific to the different industries, has gained worldwide recognition among producers of a wide range of food products and chemical compounds.



In the MOBILE MINOR®, small quantities of solutions, suspensions or emulsions can be dried into representative powder samples, facilitating the retrieval of the process data required for scaling-up to industrial production. It is a flexible and easy-to-handle spray dryer which has become standard equipment in the R&D departments of many leading manufacturers, independent research institutes and universities worldwide.



The PRODUCTION MINOR™ belongs to GEA’s range of versatile R&D and small-production-scale spray drying units. It is a standard Spray Dryer for which several modules and options are available to configure it to match specific requirements. This includes interchangeable atomization and powder discharge systems intended to provide even greater flexibility in e.g. product or process development.



The VERSATILE-SD® Spray Dryer comes in several sizes; ranging from sizes 6.3 and 12.5 and semi-industrial size plants of sizes 25 and 50 to industrial size plants. As it is designed to meet the strictest requirements to both plant and product safety it has become a well-recognized spray drying solution for products such as advanced ceramics, catalysts, flavors, herbal extracts and food ingredients.

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